Museu da Crise at Predras 2014 – The Future Was Like This

Museu da Crise was invited by c.e.m – centro em movimento to participate in Festival Pedras ’14, between June 30 and July 6 in Lisbon. Festival Pedras ’14 was a performance festival that took place on the streets in the heart of Lisbon, intertwining with daily life. The festival examined Lisbon as a city going through a great transformation and aimed to write its future in the present. Performances, workshops, laboratories, talks, film screenings, dinners, parties etc were all part of the programme. Museu da Crise was invited to screen the second part of the film made during the architecture triennial and to present the accompanying book. Muse da Crise decided to also launch an augmented reality time travel performance that takes place in public spaces in the centre of Lisbon.

On the third day of the festival Museu da Crise presented an augmented reality video created by Paes Leão in the Baixa district in the heart of Lisbon. The day before the presentation the artist pasted a thousand stickers all over the area. The stickers explained people how to download the free augmented reality browser Junaio and how to use it to scan the QR-code also on the sticker. This then would access a small transparent video overlaying the streets of Baixa Lisboeta. The video is a message from a possible future addressing our present, urging the audience to take action and to reorganise society in a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient way. It also describes the beginning of a great change in the Portuguese society that started during the festival. The stickers will of course disappear over time, making this experience confined by time and space.

Read more about Museu da Crise.

App launch in the streets of Lisbon, PT


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