Dressing Grandmother

Dressing grandmother is a work that consists of three enlarged photographs, one of them with a small handmade drawing on it. It is a memory exercise that light-heartedly refers to the passing of time by the usage of distorted proportions and a self-referential element. The title is a wordplay, suggesting both dressing the artist’s grandmother as well as dressing herself with her grandmother.

When she was five years old the artist’s grandmother, shortly before passing away, presented her granddaughter with a hand knitted white woollen cardigan with tiny green and red, Portugal’s national colours, flowers on it. The artist was very fond of the cardigan and never gave it away or threw it out, even after outgrowing it. To produce Dressing grandmother, the artist repetitively drew the cardigan on paper while looking at it. In a way this can be seen as an act to conserve the jacket, so that it would not mentally disappear should it ever be physically lost. The memory of the piece of clothing is forever captured in the movement of the artist’s hand. After this memory exercise the artist pinned the cardigan to a wall and took pictures of it. After that, the camera was set to take pictures automatically while the artist took the cardigan down from the wall and started putting it on, even though it was obviously way too small. From these photographs three were selected. One with just the cardigan, one taking it down and one putting it on. On the last photograph, the artist drew the cardigan from memory, resulting in a grown up head sticking out of a tiny jacket. Because of movement and the lack of light in the room, the photographs are intentionally vague. The cardigan itself is not part of the work, another play with the notion of absence and presence.

Photography and Drawing
0.40m x 0.60m each
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