Who’s There [repetitive process]

Who’s There [repetitive process]
Jackets and retro projection of 80 slides [Variable dimensions] Slide changes every second

The work Who’s There [repetitive process] was made specifically for the group exhibition Arrhythmia: human inhibitions andextensions, that was co-curated by the artist. In 2001 Porto was designated European Cultural Capital by the European Union. The exhibition Arrhythmia was the only exhibition in Porto that year that was organised independently of the official cultural programme. The exhibition tried to connect the then contemporary generation of artists with the generations that went before them. It was also very interdisciplinary: inviting writers, musicians and scientists working in for example the fields of astronomy, robotics and biology to participate, collaborate and share their research with the artists.

For this work the artist created three white jackets with extremely long sleeves and necks covering the face. In a white room, the artist put on the jackets, one after another, and performed series of repetitive movements to get the jackets off. A camera would take a picture every ten seconds of this process of undressing, which was complicated by not being able to use hands. With this work the artist reflects on her complex relationship with modern society, where ‘human extensions’ are usually presented as indisputable improvements, while they might just turn out to be the opposite when critically analysed. The notion of inhibition was not only demonstrated by the long sleeves, but also by the use of the colour white. In the artist’s opinion, white is a much more effective colour for censorship than black. Black just covers while white truly erases everything. A phenomenon the artist strongly associates with Portuguese culture, thereby hinting at a cultural inhibition. At the exhibition this work was represented by the three jackets nailed to the wall with a small retro projection of eighty slides to the left of them.

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Selection from 80 slides
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